Home Builders in Evans: Top 5 Home Inspection Mistakes

Whether you're purchasing an existing home or you're having a home custom built by home builders in Evans, GA, a home inspection is a crucial element in ensuring your home is safe and ready for occupancy at the time of closing. But, despite this, many home buyers choose to forego home inspections because they think it will save them money. On the contrary, avoiding this step in home ownership could wind up costing you thousands.

But, sometimes even with a home inspection, a home buyer can find themselves in a precarious position because they can inadvertently make mistakes before, during, and after the inspection. Knowing the five most common mistakes and how to avoid them can help ensure your home inspection is accurate and your home is ready for your family.

#1 - Not Having a Brand New Home Inspected

Many home buyers believe that brand new homes don't need to be inspected by a home inspector because (a) the construction is new, and (b) the home has already passed all local codes and ordinances. But, new construction doesn't necessarily guarantee the home is free of problems. In some cases, a home inspector can find potential issues a local code inspector might have missed.

#2 - Choosing the Wrong Home Inspector

When you're already spending a substantial amount on a piece of property, you might find yourself tempted to choose the least expensive home inspector you can find. The problem with this is the least expensive home inspector tends to have the least amount of experience and as such, he or she may miss crucial elements a more experienced inspector may notice.

Additionally, if your realtor recommends a home inspector, ask for the names of at least two other inspectors so you can choose the one you're most comfortable with. And, always verify the inspector's license, credentials, and professional affiliations. The inspector should also carry an errors and omissions insurance policy.

#3 - Not Being There When the Home is Inspected

If you're not on-site when the home inspector does his job, then you will receive a written report of the inspection. The problem with is - a written report may not give as clear a picture of your home's issues as you might like. A minor issue may seem major, or a major issue may not seem as important as it really is. By going on the inspection with the home inspector, you will be able to ask questions that will help you understand your home's issues better.

#4 - Not Addressing the Home Inspector's Findings Prior to Closing

All too often, home buyers wait until after their closings to address the problems discovered by the home inspector. This is a bad idea because you should know the extent (and cost) of the problem prior to closing. Armed with this information, you may be able to negotiate with the current owners and either split the cost or you can request that they pay for it entirely or risk losing the sale at the last minute. If you wait until you close to address those problems, then you could find yourself in a costly bind.

#5 - Expecting Your Home Inspector to Be Able to Predict Future Problems

Your home inspector can only see what's in front of him. He can't see through walls or tell you how long your home's heater or roof will last. Many home buyers expect their inspector to be able to provide them with details he simply isn't capable of knowing. Having realistic expectations with your home inspector will help you avoid misconceptions and mistakes.

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