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AdvanTech Floor sheathing

Some people might think that floors are the least important part of building a house, but that is not the case at all. There is so much that a floor can do and give when it is done right and with the right materials. AdvanTech floor sheathing is designed for superior moisture resistance and ultimate strength. It is as quiet as traditional floor sheathing, but has much more to offer and save homeowners in the long run.

As the industry leader when it comes to moisture resistance, AdvanTech flooring does not cup or warp under harsh weather conditions. It is specially engineered to resist water absorption and edge swell, eliminating the need for sanding and costly rework. So what does all this mean for new homeowners? Reducing moisture related problems increases efficiency and at the same time reduces the risk of re-work and costly repairs, time and materials in the installation process. AdvanTech products have been rated #1 in Quality in Builder Magazine's annual Brand Use Study every year since 2002.

Nobody likes their floors to squeak and make unwanted noises. The AdvanTech floor sheathing keeps the floor stiff with less chance of noises, for years to come. Installation includes less sanding and less preparation, so fewer steps means the floors are ready in less time. Another benefit is the satisfaction of knowing that your builder used the best products available, for you, your family and your home.

With the help from advanced technology and a world class manufacturing process AdvanTech flooring is the lowest water absorption floor sheathing available. It protects against elements throughout construction as well as wear and tear through its life cycle. Most people don't know how much damage water absorption can cause. AdvanTech flooring ensures a flat and even surface ideal for keeping a uniform thickness across the entire house at all times.

Delays are inevitable in the construction process, but using AdvanTech flooring gives reassurance in many different ways. Faster drying rates allow for the floor finishing applications to happen sooner. It carries a 300-day no sanding guarantee to help ensure less repairs and rework and prevent water damage during construction. Throughout the many stages of construction there are certain high traffic areas that withstand a lot of damage. AdvanTech has superior performance and remains durable so that building does not have to stop or slow down for repair or replacement like other floor sheathings.

AdvanTech also comes with a 50 year transferable limited warranty. Its superior nail holding power ensures a high quality finished floor with fewer squeaks and more strength.

You can not beat AdvanTech in quality for floor sheathing. It helps make a Southland home stronger and quieter.

For more information on AdvanTech floor sheathing, click here to visit the Huber Woods website.