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Energy Star Appliances

When building a house there are so many different aspects to think about. When building a 'green friendly' house, there many elements that step into play. Not only are the building materials important for the actual structure and building of the home, but so are the appliances and mechanical systems.

Energy Star is a government-backed program that helps families and businesses by protecting the environment while saving a large amount of energy on monthly bills. Just last year, Americans that had Energy Star appliances were able to save enough energy to power 10 million homes while avoiding greenhouse gas emissions from 29 million cars. All of this was possible while still keeping money in their pockets, approximately $19 billion!

On average a homeowner spends $2,200 in one year on energy bills alone. Some people don't realize that the price of an appliance is not only the price tag in the store, but also the cost to power it every month. People can trust the new technological advances that the Energy Star appliances have made and they will use at least 15% less energy and water compared to standard brands. Homeowners could save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs, while saving the environment. The Energy Star appliances might seem slightly pricier than other leading brands in the stores, but think of the money that will be saved off of every monthly utility bill. These energy efficiency advances save homeowners money, about $200 to $400 per year on utilities.

Most appliances throughout a house will have a blue Energy Guide label showing the annual cost to operate. The label was developed by the Department of Energy and will tell you if the appliance is an Energy Star or not. The Energy Star label explains that the appliance is more energy efficient than the minimal requirements set by the Department of Energy.

There are many benefits that go along when using Energy Star appliances. Number one benefit, they save you energy. They use approximately 15% less energy than other appliances. Lower energy means lower monthly bills. The appliances are in tens of thousands of homes and are tried and true, throughout the years. They create a more peaceful atmosphere within the home. Less noise means a quiet and healthy place for your family to enjoy. Another intangible benefit with Energy Star appliances is the peace of mind homeowners have when they know there house is more durable and valuable while still being safe for the environment.

Southland Homes feature Kenmore Energy Star appliance, or at your option, an allowance for the appliances or your choice.