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Insulated Exterior Doors

Exterior door insulation is essential to keep out unwanted weather damage and other elements. The quality of your door affects your monthly power bills. By controlling the amount of energy that remains in your home, you can save more energy, heat, and money.

Southland's exterior doors are stained grade insulated fiberglass and insulated embossed steel. It is an easy and perfect solution to keep cold air in during the summer and hot air in during the winter. They are more durable, have lower maintenance needs and are also easier to seal and insulate than wood doors.

Glass or patio doors, especially sliding glass doors, lose heat faster than other doors. We only use doors with Low E insulated glass.

Well made steel exterior doors are also rust and corrosion resistant, which is a good quality to have throughout the years. Steel doors are regularly considered to be more secure and are suggested for use in areas subject to harsh weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornados. Steel doors are very cost effective and energy efficient as well, when they are built with the right insulated techniques. Steel doors are also easily recycled. In fact you can actually purchase exterior doors made from recycled steel.

Fiberglass doors are a great choice if you like the look of wood, but want it to still be more energy efficient. They are another option for home owners who enjoy the look and feel of wood but require something more secure. Fiberglass is an extremely durable material that can be stained to resemble wood, or painted if you prefer.

Southland Homes uses insulated steel and fiberglass entry doors that qualify for ENERGY STAR and can last a lifetime - another benefit to the environment and you, the homeowner.