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Low E Insulated Glass Windows

Low-E (or low emissivity) insulated glass windows are designed to keep heat near their sources of origin. In the summer months, the sun heats up the outdoors, and the warmth tries to enter the home. But with Low-E glass much of this heat bounces off the glass and stays outside. In the winter months, the heat or energy given off by the furnace is bounced back into the room and also gives more insulation to keep more heat inside.

Essentially Low-E glass windows offer insulation against heat and cold throughout the year. This type of insulation lowers the total heat flow through the window. The more heat that is kept in during the winter and out during the summer, will reduce the homeowners' overall energy use and will make the cost of their monthly power bills go down.

Glass used for windows has been revolutionized since the 1970's. Insulated Low E glass differs from a regular window because it is two or more pieces of glass with dead air space between them. Low E glass works by reflecting hot and cold air, inside and outside to its source. So it keeps the hot air out and the warm air in, in the summer and vise versa for winter. The 'E' stands for emissivity.

Sunlight is a good thing, only in small doses. Sunlight contains many types of light; visible, UV, and infrared. Visible light is what makes it possible to see things. Low E glass has the ability to let visible light to come through while blocking most amounts of UV light and infrared light. You don't want UV lights to come into your house, they are the ones that harm your skin, wood, fabrics, and cause colors to fade. Infrared light is basically just heat.

Most people already know that UV light from the sun is bad, but did you know infrared light from the sun is powerful and also dangerous? When it comes through the window and hits an object, it will heat up that object, and that object will in turn heat up the room. In the summer Low E glass will help to keep your house cooler and keep the heat from outside, out.

Southland Homes did not choose the YKK® windows just for their Low E insulated glass. These all vinyl windows are high quality and built to last. They feature a wide sash, deep profile brickmould and a true sill which gives them the appearance of wood without the maintenance. They are just as attractive from the inside and feature integral tracks and latches with no visible screws giving your Southland home a true custom look.