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Ridge & Soffit Roof Vent System

Every house needs a roof, so why not do it right the first time. Eliminating aspects of a roof that can cause damaged by using elements that can prevent water and weather damage before it has a chance to occur is just smart building. Using a ridge and soffit roof vent system can help you keep the perfect temperature within your home, while keeping the unwanted weather conditions outside. It is also one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to save on monthly electric bills.

Ridge and soffit venting systems are designed with a continuous, weather-shielded opening at the peak of the roof. In addition, there are constant screened openings along the eaves of the house. A ridge and soffit venting system differs from others, by promoting air movement under the roof with the exhausted air exiting through the ridge vents.

Superior quality roof venting systems are so important to homeowners because of their protection and money saving-features. Ridge and soffit roofing systems keep the unwanted heat out during the summer and avoid the frost from coming in throughout the winter. This provides a better climate-controlled environment in the attic and can reduce the risk of damaging keepsakes stored there. Not only does it reduce the risk of damage, but a better climate-controlled environment promotes energy efficiency which saves homeowners money!

Accurate ventilation is a very important aspect for the structure and the people living within. There are a lot of ways that moisture builds up in the home, including the materials used for building to everyday activities. For example, when cooking, washing clothes, and bathing, hundreds of gallons of water are released, causing water vapors to fill the air. Water vapors are not always a problem. When a home is not properly vented, vapors can leave the rooms they are contained in and get into the structure and damage your home. They can ruin insulation and cause mold, mildew or wood to rot.

Depending on the season, ventilation systems serve different purposes. In the summer months, if too much heat is trapped in the attic and it builds it can create incredible temperature. If that heat has no place to escape, it will cause the air conditioning system to work harder and harder, and increase your electric bills. In the winter months, if the moisture freezes within the walls and roof, when the heat reaches it, it will turn into water and possible cause mold, mildew or other serious problems.

Southland Homes use fibercement, perforated soffit boards which allows continuous air flow. Wherever possible we use a continuous roof ridge vent system (some homes require "turtle back" roof vents to supply sufficient air flow) for maximum attic ventilation.

Knowing all this information now, why take any chances? Let us help you make a great new home, the right way, the first time.