Customer Testimonials

Southland Custom Homes takes tremendous pride in each one of our homes. It is always great to get feedback from our satisfied new homeowners on how their home met all their expectations and more! Hear first hand from our homeowners about their experience with Southland Custom Homes!

I want to thank you for the work of Larry and Lisa as they attempt to build my house. If you can imagine building a house for a person like me that, you can never find, changes their mind hourly, calls and leaves a message to return the call to a place they just left; well these two have had this hurdle and more. Yet each time they talk to me, they treat me as I was the customer and as if we are in partnership in building my home.

Larry's knowledge of building houses has been demonstrated over and over in suggestions of what will or will not work. His working relationship with the subcontractors can be seen by their asking him for advice on doing their jobs. Lisa has always followed up on request in a most timely manner.

Between Rita, Larry, Lisa and Don, I am now feeling more and more like a homeowner that will proudly display my home for future Southland Buyers.

Again thanks for your time and I look forward to having the Southland Team visit the lake to enjoy our house.

Robert M.

Marietta, Georgia