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If one of our home plans is perfect for you- that's fantastic-but if not, we will modify any of our plans for free. You may already have a home plan or prefer designing a unique home from "scratch." If so we will be happy to work with you. Plus, if you build with us there is no charge for our custom design services.

At Southland Custom Homes we believe the true definition of a custom-built dream home is simple: Building the home you want on the land you love, with care and quality craftsmanship...all for an affordable price.

Your journey to living in the new, dream home you have always wanted begins with Southland Custom Homes. The first step is finding the right home plan for you and your family. Browse through our Signature Series and Premiere Portfolio home plans (for information on the standard features included in the Signature and Premiere homes click here).

A true benefit to building a home with Southland Custom Homes is that we are able to build any plan, and custom design your home specifically for you and your needs. We are able to work within your budget to add any special purpose rooms or special accommodations you may require.

Throughout all of the steps you will take to construct your Southland dream home, our knowledgeable staff will be there to guide you. As part of the process, one of our representatives will visit your building site and provide estimates for all the needed site improvements.

Our Computer Aided Design and Estimating Department allows you to add your ideas to any of Southland's plans, making your home truly your own. Members from our department will also help you to visualize your dream home, and determine the interior and exterior finishes and colors.

Your budget is always an important factor to consider. Our in-house architectural design staff will work with you to incorporate all of your desired features into your final plans and budget. Our staff has the experience and creativity necessary to help you see the larger picture. Perhaps you decided earlier you wanted a 4 bedroom home. You are now considering adding a media room, but do not want to add to the budget. Our staff can show you the different options to achieving your dream home. Maybe you will decide to change your home to a 3-bedroom home if it means you will have room for a large media room instead? Or maybe you will end up working with the staff to make a different change to meet your needs. The choice is yours!

After you finalize your house plans, you will be guided through the entire building process. This will include meeting with the construction team and learning more about the building process and the construction timetable. A Building Superintendent will be assigned to you personally, to answer any of your questions or concerns along the way.

The last step includes a pre-closing orientation, where you and someone from our team will walk room to room in your newly constructed home and inspect every detail. Our staff member will also demonstrate the quality features and operating procedure for all the aspects of your home, and review the Warranty Request Procedure.

Since 1980, Southland Custom Homes has helped thousands of people just like you build their dream home in Georgia. Get started on your journey today!