3 Steps to Choosing Door Knobs

They may not be first on your mind when you're determining your home's style, but door knobs can make a bigger impact on your design than you might think. That's why it is important to take the time to look at all of your options, even when it comes to choosing a smaller detail like your door knobs.

Here, the Georgia home building and design experts at Southland Custom Homes share their three simple steps to choosing the right door knobs for any application.

First - What Types of Door Knobs Do You Need?

A single home can require a vast diversity of door knobs, so knowing exactly what types you need will help narrow down your choices from the start. For instance, a home may require passage knobs, privacy knobs, keyed entry knobs, and even dummy knobs. Knowing which is which and what they're used for is important for picking the right one for the application. Here is what these knobs are used for:

Second - Do You Prefer Knobs or Levers?

Door knobs come in two basic styles - knobs and levers. Both offer different attributes to complement a variety of design aesthetics.

Knobs are traditionally round or oval in shape and made to fit virtually any type of door. While knobs offer a classic look, they can be hard for children or those with poor hand strength or dexterity to open.

Levers, on the other hand, are easier to open and help give the home a modern look. But, because they can stick out, levers can easily get snagged on loose clothing and they can pose a danger to running children who aren't paying attention to where they're running. If you're choosing a lever, then you need to choose one that fits the orientation of the door. For instance, a door that opens on the left requires a left-hand lever while a right-hand door needs a right-hand lever.

Third - Picking the Right Finish

Although most door knobs are made from metal, they are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. As a result, you should choose the same color and finish for any knobs that can be seen simultaneously, such as on different bedroom doors in the same hallway. You can choose different styles of knobs, but keep the color and finish the same.

Additionally, certain colors and finishes work best with certain design schemes. Examples of this include using bronze-colored knobs for traditional décor; bright chrome or stainless steel knobs for modern or retro décor; and antique brass knobs for warm country décor.

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