Benefits of Using Low Flow Shower Heads

These days, homeowners are trying to keep their impact on the environment as low as possible. From installing wind- or solar-powered energy systems to recycling to buying organic produce, there are several ways families can reduce their overall carbon footprint. And, when it comes to conserving water, few changes are as effective as using low flow shower heads in your home.

At Southland, our Georgia on your land home builders specialize in building eco-friendly homes using the latest in energy-saving products and sustainable building materials. Here are some of the benefits of using low flow shower heads in your new home.

Make the Change to Low Flow Shower Heads and Cut Water Usage by 40%

If your home has old fashioned shower heads installed, then odds are they're pumping out between five and eight gallons of water every single minute. By swapping out your old shower head and installing a low flow model instead, you'll save anywhere from three to six gallons of water for every minute the shower is in use. Today's low flow shower heads can realistically reduce your home's water consumption by 40% or more!

Low Flow Shower Heads Help Save Gas and Electric Too

Many people already expect low flow shower heads to help save on water consumption, but what many are surprised to learn is that they also help save on the energy resources used to heat the water too, such as gas and electric. In most cases, making the change to low flow shower heads can save up to $50 annually on your water heater's energy consumption.

Low Flow Shower Heads Help Reduce Your Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Whenever your hot water heater heats up the water within it, it produces carbon dioxide emissions that exit your home via ductwork and enter the atmosphere. Since the low flow shower heads help reduce your water heating needs, it automatically reduces the amount of carbon dioxide your home produces.

Misconceptions of Low Flow Shower Heads

Despite all of the energy-saving benefits of using low flow shower heads, many homeowners remain wary of making the change because they think they'll suffer from poor water pressure. And, while this may have been true when they were first introduced to the market several years ago, today's low flow shower heads are equipped with special apertures that enable them produce excellent water pressure. The apertures use air to help boost the strength and speed of the water exiting the shower head, thus making it easy to make the change with very little reduction in water pressure quality.

Although high quality low flow shower heads can be more expensive than other models, they will usually provide an energy cost savings that will basically pay for the cost of the shower head within a year or less.

Relocating to Georgia

If you're relocating to Georgia and you want to have a custom, eco-friendly home designed just for your family and built on a piece of property that you have purchased, Southland Custom Homes can help. We're one of the top Georgia on your land home builders and we can design and build you the perfect home for you and your family.

With over 100 floorplans to choose from and an array of top-of-the-line interior appointments, Southland Custom Homes provides a huge selection of plan options and custom features. Southland Custom Homes will work with new homebuyers to alter specific floorplans so that the finished project is exactly what the buyer wants. If you are looking for a trusted on-your-lot Georgia home builder, then Southland Custom Homes will be sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

Southland Custom Homes is one of the premier Georgia on-your-land builders. We have model showrooms located in Macon (3956 Bloomfield Village Drive, Macon, GA 31206), Dawsonville (837 GA 400 S, Dawsonville, GA 30534), and Marietta (265 N. Fulton PKWY, Marietta, GA 30062). Stop by today to see all that Southland has to offer!

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