Spruce Up Your New Home in Georgia with a Front Yard Flower Garden

Spring and summer are wonderful times of the year to be in your new home in Georgia. With the blooming flowers and trees, the neighborhoods are literally exploding with vibrant colors. What better way to enhance your home's curb appeal than by planting a front yard flower garden.

Here are some fantastic ideas to help spur your creativity.

Have a Front Porch? Skirt It With Flowers!

There's something enchanting about a front porch that's skirted by a trailing bed of flowers. The colorful petals add a lush blanket in front of the home that softens its look while adding interest and appeal. Include some dwarf evergreens into the mix and your home will enjoy year-round beauty.

Go for the Rustic Look

If you're looking to give your home a rustic, cottage-like look, then you can break up the sidewalk leading to your front door and turn the walkway into a path of loosely spaced flagstones. This will allow grass to grow up between the stones. Plant some groundcover and other plants along the edges to create a magical walkway.

Replace the Strip Yard

If your home has a fence along its front, then odds are there is a strip of lawn between the fence and the sidewalk. Instead of having to cut this annoying strip every time you mow the grass, why not pull out the grass and plant a beautiful garden border? It will add color and interest and you won't have to worry about that strip of grass anymore.

Cultivate Seasonal Gardens

There's nothing better than a front yard garden that changes with the seasons. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to strategically plant early spring bloomers alongside summer perennials. This way, by the time spring's flowers are starting to die off, summer's blooms will be getting ready to put on their own show.

Create a Balanced Garden, Or Not

The great thing about front yard gardens is that they can be designed to your unique taste. A balanced garden, such as one that features repeating pockets of color for a cohesive look is a great way to draw the eye as one walks down the walkway. Meanwhile, planting your garden in a haphazard manner can produce a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that's all your own.

The Edible Garden

If your home gets a lot of sunlight in the front yard, then it might make for the ideal place to cultivate an edible garden display. Planting colorful flowers alongside your veggies will not only add a splash of color, but they'll also attract beneficial bugs to help pollinate your vegetable plants.

Relocating to Georgia


eorgia, with its beautiful climate and seasonal plant diversity, is a great place for gardening enthusiasts to call home. And, with new homes in Georgia constantly being built, now is the best time to find the perfect new home for you and your family.

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