Customer Testimonials

Southland Custom Homes takes tremendous pride in each one of our homes. It is always great to get feedback from our satisfied new homeowners on how their home met all their expectations and more! Hear first hand from our homeowners about their experience with Southland Custom Homes!

Susan and I contracted with Southland to construct The Stafford on our land during 2002, after having received numerous bids on houses from other custom homebuilders in this area. We found the Southland home by far to be the most reasonably priced of all the houses we looked at. Frankly, a number of the bids we received for custom built homes were so outrageously high that I was surprised to find, after questioning the builders, that the framing nails they planned to use were neither gold or platinum – or even silver plate.

After all was decided and we contracted for a house from Southland I met with Mike St. Clair, our builder, at the site to decide the placement of the house. At that time, Mike assured me he would build me a good, solid, well made house and invited me to contact him at any time I had a question, problem or concern with anything whatsoever with the project.

Oddly enough, during this very major project, I only met Mike face to face twice in our nine month relationship, once at the site that day and once at the walk through immediately prior to our closing. Every scrap of business he and I conducted in between those tow face to face meetings was done over the telephone, either through direct conversation or voice mail messages. It's pretty amazing really, and it’s a story I tell everybody who tours the house now.

True to his word, during the construction of the house, Mike addressed every one of my concerns promptly. He answered all of my questions, gave me sound advice, immediately fixed anything I had a problem with and very importantly – he always returned my telephone calls.

I had never built a house from scratch before, but friends of mine who had told me that getting in touch with the builder to gripe about problems of make changes was a frustrating and annoying adventure and if they ever had it to do again, they wouldn't. I was told by friends when I started the project that it would become a second full time job and I might as well plan to seek marriage counseling once it was all over, because building a house can really rip up a marriage. I can see where that might be the case, given all the laborious details of such a project, if your builder is an uncooperative jerk, but we were lucky enough to have a guy like Mike St. Clair in charge of the project. As our house grew, visiting the site was something we looked forward to every week. If there ere problems, we jotted them down, called Mike and most always the next time we visited the site, the problem was addressed. If not, it was high on his list.

I am late in writing this letter, as we have been living in this house now for over ten months. That's bad. I'm sure by now Mike may think we are not appreciative of the fine job he did here, but that is certainly not the case. Then again, maybe my tardiness in writing is a good thing, because after living in this house for a while, I find once again that Mike was true to his word in the first thing he told me at the site that first meeting.

He has indeed built us a good, solid, well made house. We enjoy living here. In talking to a number of my neighbors at homeowners gatherings I listen to their streams of complaints about the basic construction of their $125.00 a square foot houses and I have to laugh – not to their faces mind you, but in the car on the way home, Susan and I do get a few chuckles at their high priced expense.

Folks, Mike St. Clair did an excellent job building this house. He is a skilled professional, very attentive to the needs of his clients and on top of all that, he's a really nice guy. Southland is very lucky to have him. Give him a raise.

Fred & Susan L.
Pendergrass, Georgia