Customer Testimonials

Southland Custom Homes takes tremendous pride in each one of our homes. It is always great to get feedback from our satisfied new homeowners on how their home met all their expectations and more! Hear first hand from our homeowners about their experience with Southland Custom Homes!

We are writing to let you know of our experience with Southland Homes in building our new house. First of all, being that this was our first house we have had built, we weren't sure how to approach it. You hear all the stories from other people that have built houses and wonder if you will have the same uncomfortable experiences. In our case we can truly say the experience was extremely pleasant, and we had none of those problems thanks to your excellent staff!

Our quest started with meeting with Jolyn at your offices. We made many trips and asked a ton of questions. She made sure she answered them all, and we were pleasantly surprised how flexible she was with our needs. We were able to change the floor plans quite a bit and stay within budget. She stayed in contact, was always cordial, and came up with some great suggestions as we went through the process of creating our new home. We know we took a lot of her time, but she was always there for us and the end result was exactly what we were looking for. We appreciate her patience and her diligence in finding a way for it all to work. We had also worked with Don, who was great in helping us with the final details. The end result on paper looked like just the house we wanted!

After finalizing the paperwork, we were given the names and numbers of the people that would carry us through the rest of the building phase. The main contact person was Brian, our builder. We met with him to go over the plans and start the beginning phase with the land prep etc, we began in late Fall, and unfortunately we didn't have the number to mother nature, so we had a slight delay with the rains. After the foundation was in as we had opted for a basement, things started to really move. We were amazed at eh framing crew who worked quickly, and the framing looked very straight and neat. We even had a few people come in to the house to look that had been looking at "custom homes" that said the framing job at our house was much nicer than the homes they had seen. Since we were building on the lot right next door to our house we had the good fortune to see every phase of the process. Brian was great in offering suggestions as we went through the building process. We took some pictures, and are giving you copies as we think it turned out SUPER! Being our first built home, we also asked Brian a ton of questions. We canít say enough about him as our builder. He met with us on the site many times to go over the plans, and paid attentions to every detail. He also informed us as to what was next and kept things moving along. Before we knew it our house was shaping up. We didnít have to make many changes since Jolyn had gone over everything with us. After all was under roof, we really saw things move along. The electrical crew was amazingly quick and efficient. The other crews were also extremely good. As we did a few things ourselves like the decks and concrete, and Brian was great in letting us know ahead of time what our timing should be for our part of construction. We also did the hardwood floor on the main floor, which was part of your wonderful flexibility. We shared pictures via e-mail with friends and family, and they were all excited seeing it go up. By late spring we were ready to wrap it up, and Brian was again instrumental in making sure the details were all taken care of. He really made the building process an enjoyable one, and if we ever would get the chance to build another one, we would be extremely happy to have him as our builder. We are now in our beautiful new home and couldnít be happier! We have had a ton of compliments from neighbors and visitors, and highly recommend your company based on our experience. Our home appraised for about 40% higher than our final financed amount, and this was before we decided to finish the basement! We wanted to thank you for truly great experience in building our new home. Itís BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jim & Cookie B.